by Hoose



A preview of what's to come from your's truly.


Save us...
Complexion don't mean a thing

How can you tell me that
This one's better
That one's better
Letter to your kin
Blame it on all
Every race gotta take the fall
Black, white, in between is the cause
Gotta show some gall
(gotta stand up)
Gotta stand up
Blank shots
Heard at the mall
I mean blank of cause
Who you gonna call?
Gotta ghost bust
Ghost of a man left
Who you gon' trust?

Save us...


released June 8, 2015
Vocals: Hoose
Lyrics: Hoose
Production: Hoose
Mixing and Mastering: Hoose
Album Art: Hoose



all rights reserved


Hoose Texas

'Jesvs Wants Yovr Money / Satan Wants Yovr Sovl' now available for purchase and streaming on all of your favorite platforms.

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