Kindness [prod. Ripdae La Wise]

by Hoose



I heard Ripdae La Wise's project 'An imp is dom'd by a stripling during time travel' via bandcamp and was intrigued by his outlandish production style. We linked up and fleshed out this monster of a track. With a progressively un-paced backdrop, I lace lines about an ex-lover's mental destruction of the protagonist that leads to hellish acts.


What the fuck is kindness?

Forget about kindness
Spineless ex-wife comprises
Mind's eye
Divine dives into pools of knives
Crimes started here
Needle shedding tears
Heroin for my lost heroin
Never fear
Never fear
Here we go
Again and again
And again and again
Best friend's the medicine
Tip knocked at the door
Please let him in
Venom cures the bite of the snake
Demons awoken for God's sake
Drank the bitch's brew
Kinda Blue
Miles away from heaven
Soak the witch red what I'm gon' do

What the fuck is kindness?

Metal slapped by pedal
Tea kettle heated
Blow my top for I settle

Pull up
Pull needle out
Pullin' bullets out the box
Button pushed down
Jesus wants money
Satan wants soul
Love dies in the dead of night
And her body cold

What the fuck is kindness?

Forget about kindness
Blood on my hands
Cheers to your highness
Cup full of man's fear
She's lifeless
Gun powder in my throat
Goodbye bitch

Forget about kindness
Forget about kindness
Forget about kindness
Forget about kindness

What the fuck is kindness?


released August 16, 2015
Vocals: Hoose
Lyrics: Hoose
Production: Ripdae La Wise
Mixing: Ripdae La Wise & Hoose
Mastering: Ripdae La Wise & Hoose
Artwork: Hoose



all rights reserved


Hoose Texas

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