Jesvs Wants Yovr Money / Satan Wants Yovr Sovl

by Hoose



released March 4, 2016

Instrumentation, Mixing & Mastering: Hoose

A special thanks to Signor Benedick the Moor, Coin Locker Kid, and Ripdae La Wise for taking part in the making of this album.

Thank you, the fans, for listening and supporting my music. I hope that you enjoy this project as much as I do.



all rights reserved


Hoose Texas

'Jesvs Wants Yovr Money / Satan Wants Yovr Sovl' now available for purchase and streaming on all of your favorite platforms.

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Track Name: Satan Wants Yovr Sovl
I have come
I have come for souls
This market of mine
Cleanse this world
Beauty has ceased to exist
It's time
Come now
Come now
Come now
Come now
I am he
The reaper.
Track Name: Jesvs Wants Yovr Money
Jesus want your money
Come on now
Track Name: The Attic
Money make the magic
But the story tragic
Goose down pillow
Killed Hoose in the attic
What a manic man
I mean man why panic
You're a problem with problems
Where's the solvent
Cause for alarm always
Hidden in his room
Satan's in the hallway

Pause the channel
Think I heard somethin
Doors locked, bolted shut
Somebody hunting

A howl in the distance
Who goes it
Probably my death
It want my throat slit

Please tell me you ain't seen it
I ain't seen it comin
Hollerin your name

Bloody murder
Bloody murder
Bloody throat from screamin
Bloody rug
Bloody knees
Bloody voice of reason

Knock knock
Heard him callin
From the ceiling
Can't help myself
My body's lost feeling

Eyes of reddish hue
No sleep
Counting sheep will
Get you killed Bo Peep


Pause the channel
I know you heard somethin
Doors locked, bolted shut
But that ain't nothin

A howl in the distance
You know it
You see devil's breath
Let's get that throat slit

Let me tell you; you ain't seen it
But I seen it comin
Hollerin his name
Won't help you at all in this moment

Bloody murder
Bloody murder
Blood is on the ceilin
Bloody rug
Bloody knees
Blood is all I'm needin

Knock knock
Heard me callin
Now your head's reelin
Can't help myself
Another soul for stealin

Eyes of blackish hue
No sleep
Count your sheep
Another's missing, Bo Peep

Track Name: Faction (feat. Signor Benedick the Moor)
[VERSE 1 - Signor Benedick the Moor]
If you thinking that you finna blast one
Go and squeeze the little metal thingy with a passion
Little nigga thinkin he the bad son
Plus he want some goodies and some bad ones
Pull the burner out from in the dash hun
The last one
Pulled a fast one
Now thats his ass son
Little did he know that was the last son
Mama sat him down just to harass him
His nigga set him up got him to gas him
He couldnt escape his seatbelt was fastened
Lit the lighter
Now his load was lighter
And his grip was tighter
Head's like
Hella higher
Always been a fire
Lit inside his eyes
He never could get tired
Life behind the wire really had him wired

[CHORUS - Signor Benedick the Moor]
Communal conscious
Carbon dating
Curiously common
Converse curating
Callous complaining
Cantankerous kankerous
Canning kablamming

[CHORUS - Hoose]
Funeral family
Flag affiliation futile
Fallen fella a fraction
Of figures found in the
Feelings of failure
Factored into his actions
Fly far far away
And forget about faction

[VERSE 2 - Hoose]
Body bags hangin from the mobile
From a young age kid knew how the march feel
Hot head
Cold steel
Packs heat
No chill
Rollin over coffins
Small price for a big wheel
Kill or be killed
Shotgun make em sit still
Trigger finger itchy and I'm
Scratching just to get a thrill
I'm figuring out a good way to get outta this madness
Simply put: I'm a sinister soul for your sadness
I'd blame my mother
And my father
But why bother
I'm too busy speedin down the highway to your address
God Bless

I'm so criminal
Grabbing up individuals
There's blood in my mouth
And no residual
Fist-full of bullets
Which one's coming for gullet
Silver flying till you dull it
Takes no thought to pull it


Track Name: Go
X marks the spot
You'll find Malcolm in the Middle
Fiddle me this, Batman
Why's his roof been so brittle?
Ex mother
Ex father
Ex family for the little
Kid skimmed the milk of its fat
For the rich kids to spittle
And Jesus still wants your money

Little Malcolm run home
Little Malcolm run home
Little Malcolm run home
Let it go
Little Malcolm run home
Little Malcolm run home
Little Malcolm run home
Let it go

Stones thrown
At his bones
Strikes been blown
Let it go

Kids ever so clever
Been better
Momma why they never
Let it go

Clothes tattered
Stains spattered
Why's it matter
Let it go

Momma where the money at
Tell me daddy buying crack
Where dad for us?
Let it go

Boy's tryna grow up
Got a feelin in his gut
Silver spoon
So what
Let it go

Dad never lock his gun up
Time for little fun he's
Got em on the run now
Let it go

Bullets on the fly
Little boy's gone awry
Malcolm why?
Let it go

Christ wanted money
Satan won a soul
Everybody's happy
Let it go


In the pen
He became a man
That could not
Let it go

Malcolm's hatred runs deep
For the people that
Let him go

How could they raise him
Into this monster
The anger
Never go

But he was quiet
O-oh so quiet
They thought he'd
Let it go

Locker let him out now
Now he run around town
Eyes up, chin down
Let it go

Ghost town's heart pounds
Few hundred rounds flew
Last time he came around
Let it go

Eyes take a walk about
Seein that they runnin now
Pistol grip out - POW
Let it go

Christ wanted money
Satan wanted soul
Everybody happy
Let it go

Track Name: Bloodlvst & Hovnd [Co-Prod. Ripdae La Wise]
I'm so opportune
Pave you into
The lawn lace
Green in you
Top of the night to
Shut your eyes
When I come through
Fertilize Hell's garden
With a scorched noose
In a sense
The innocence
It ain't a virtue
Please believe
The money is all you need
Pleasing the G spot of the Greed
Contract a wealth
That's similar to gangrene
Cuttin all your limbs off
For the damned thing

So give me the money and it'll be
Give her the money and she'll be there
All night
You touch the money and it'll be
A fight
Bloodlust and Hound - huh
Good bye

Chimera cash
It's a kingdom of cancer
I'm coming for cunts
I'm the cock of the bastards
Get it right
Get it tight
It's coming
It's coming
So swallow pride
Deep down in that gaping hole
Filling life with bank rolls
Fallin fast down in the cold
For my love you sell your soul

It's money


Jesus wants your money
Good thing you ain't got none

It ain't a polar bear bar
I'd do anything for
It's that big tit dike
From the fuckin Money Store
Give me cash
Give me women
Give me everything
For livin
Give me sin
Give me hate
And make everything forgiven

Track Name: Collvde
The Devil, He survive now
Jesus wants your
Track Name: Mvmmy (feat. Coin Locker Kid)
Money money money
All I see is money
Criminal is money
Now we on the run
Bloody is my honey
And the baby's hungry
Turn us into mummy
If we don't get some

[VERSE 1 - Hoose]
Run run run
Station wagon running
Janie got a gun
Baby don't you use it
Look what we've become
Patience is a virtue but
So is lord's son
Christ wants the money served
In a barrel gun
What - what
Sum it up
Pu-push the button
Now we run amok
No luck in the money pot
Fuckin tuck the gun up
Before you get struck
Now we gotta lose em
Reds and the blues
Lady what we gonna do
Here the lights come
Know my rights but
Roll the dice, run
Christ here I come


[VERSE 2 - Coin Locker Kid]
From the flesh that drapes my skeleton
It is impossible to have enough
It's hidden in the consciousness
Beneath the gooey stuff
The memories the mess the trivialities the guff;
A darwinism betrays the actuality of
The monkey that delivers your snuff
Who likes to fuck rough
Fucking holes in dingy mattresses and actresses in cuffs
But who else knows what your baggage is
And bodies in the buff before the alter where the camera is
Embrace their damages
And being a human is tough, with your red teeth
And propensity to puff upon the dead leaf
Do a jig, man, shuffle on your fat feet
You're a big man, wrestle in the trash heap
Everyday I wake on the gutter that God muscled in
From the outer reaches of bloody bustling nothingness
Crowded with puppets trying to teach us that something is happening
As the planet is eating us and crapping in its own mouth.
What's the point.
You can figure it out and then anoint
With cum
Sometimes... That's fun.


Lying dead in the dead of night amongst a tree of dollars I hear a voice holler a resonant chant of immeasurable power:
"He Lives!
He Lives!"
The proclamatory bellows increase in volume,
"He Lives!"
I reach outward toward the call
A light flickers before my eyes
At first a small light and now a burning flame
A disguised enchanter steps forth from the darkness
Scorched holes stare from his shadowy face deep into my being
As I ask,
"Why this?"
From amongst the blackest coal - to which he replied
"Jesus Wants Your Money - Satan Wants Your Soul"
Track Name: Pride (The Mirror)
I can feel you on my bones
It's you
It's me
It's us
It's we
We're living so free
Of temptation
I can feel you on my bones
It's you
It's me
It's us
It's we
We're living so free
Of temptation

Here's the picture
The glass heaven, the fixture
Mirror's a mixture
Of goals and dreams
So it seems
I've made it to me
All I want is you
The lust is so free
Of temptation
Look at your smile
Your eyes
Never scared in here
So clear, so fair
Pair me up with God
Jesus Christ I'm so rare
Bearing my own fruits
With no labor
I paid her
To give me the time
I'll give myself later
I'm not a patient player
Imma fool with a wallet
And a glass face reciprocator
Glass plates on the glass table
For just me
Fragile as goosenecked aviators
But the mirror says ice, man
I'm a lucid dreamer
See myself driving my own Beamer
Best believe I looked up to me

Bee hive of a friends list
That shakes and rattles at the thought of others
It's me


Why hello handsome
Didn't expect to see you here
Clear waters, still as the glass
That I've come to revere
I am
Feeling neglected
I've seen a face that
Doesn't belong to me
Aged and tattered
Flag flown for years that mattered
Flattery held up for so long until
My whole world shattered
Down floats a feathery figure
Divine in shape with
Menacing news to deliver
A face once divided has now
Been sewn together

Drips roll from the skin
As my body gets carried away
Grasped in death's claws as I finally say

Track Name: Mystery World
The Devil, he survives
He walks around this
Mystery world
And never leaves a sign

The Devil, he survives
Shut your mouth when
Your mother asks you
"Son, what's on your mind?"

The Devil, he survives
He whispers all these
Sultry words
And ruins all our lives

The Devil, he survives
You'd better run
For cover
You're running out of time

The Devil, he survives
He's chosen you
The lucky one
For your motherfucking crimes